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About Alliance Fabrication & Manufacturing


Alliance Fabrication & Manufacturing was created to expand relationships with OEMs, fabricators, and manufacturers. 

Our ambitions align with yours, driving your business to be more dynamic and competitive in each market landscape. This team is founded on generations of knowledge expansion and data-based efforts. We will walk beside each customer, guiding them into a more productive and profitable future. 

Fabrication & Manufacturing Services

Located in the heart of the Midwest, Alliance Fabrication and Manufacturing offers 500,000 square-foot facility that provides automated robotic welding, manual welding, offline programming, metal forming and bending, laser cutting, kitting, mechanical assembly, stretcher leveling (laser quality flat steel), quality control, and logistics.

We produce parts that offer product performance repeatability that is essential to everyday life. 

Contract Manufacturing Services

Alliance Fabrication & Manufacturing offers the following services:

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