Rolled Steel Degreasing & Brushing

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Utilize Alliance steel’s scotch bright line to clean and finish the surface of your material.

Vapor degreasing is a surface finishing treatment that uses vaporized solvents to remove oil and other solvent-soluble contaminants. We use a heating element to bring boil the solvent. As the solvent evaporates, the resulting vapors rise into the open space within the chamber. The vapors condense on metal surfaces, removing contaminants when dripping off the part. Our rolled steel degreasing and brushing services are ideal for materials set to undergo additional activities, including painting and welding.

Remove or hide surface defects with our metal brushing services. Brushed finishes have a parallel grain resulting from an abrasive moving against the workpiece in one direction. Metal brushing is often used for materials in need of a uniform appearance.

Contact Alliance Steel to learn more about our vapor rolled steel degreasing and brushing services. Our equipment includes a .010"-.157" 16” Custom Clean Line. We strive to develop lasting relationships by providing the right product on time and at a competitive price.

Rolled Steel Degreasing & Brushing Capabilities

.010" - .157" 16" Custom Clean Line

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