Heavy Gauge Slitting Services

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Heavy Gauge Slitting is the process used to cut a master coil of steel into several narrower coils by running the coil through a set of rotary slitting knives. During the slitting process, your product can be customized to your specific weight or width and packaged accordingly.

With one of the largest lines in the Midwest, Alliance Steel has the distinctive capability to offer heavy gauge narrow slitting. We can slit heavy gauge material to a narrow width of 1.250". This heavy gauge line has 14” arbors, three 400 horsepower slitter heads, an automatic un-coiler, and a 400-horsepower re-coiler, providing 22 cuts per quarter-inch.

We slit a variety of materials including hot rolled steel, hot rolled pickled dry steel, hot rolled black, cold rolled steel, and coated steel (hot dipped galvanized, electrogalvanized, galvannealed, and galvalume).

We have the capability to process coils up to 84” wide. Our equipment includes a Red Bud .043"-.500" x 84” heavy gauge slitting line with an 80,000-max coil on entry, heavy-gauge narrow slitting at 1.250”, and corrective leveling up to .187”. With the increasing demand for wider coils, we can help customers across a wide range of industries meet this need, such as those in the agriculture, construction, heavy equipment, pilling, tube, and solar and wind industries.

Heavy Gauge Slitting Capabilities

Material Thickness: .043”-.500”

Max Slit Width: 84”

Min/Max ID: 20”-30”

Max OD: 84”

Max Coil Weight: 80,000 pounds 

Narrow Slitting: 1.250”


Contact Alliance Steel today for more information on our Heavy Gauge steel slitting service and discover how the right partnership can set your business ahead of the curve. One capability that many other steel service centers do not possess is our ability to slit .010” to .500” all under one roof

One benefit of our coil slitting service is reduced scrap and waste. With our state-of-the-art technology, new knives, and 14” arbors, our equipment increases prime material. Our quick rail in and out, 20 years of customer service experience, and extensive relationships with trucking companies provide you with a reduced time to delivery schedule. Request your quote today!

Industries that can benefit from our Heavy Gauge Slitting capabilities: Agriculture, Automotive, Construction and Heavy Equipment, Pilling, Solar and Wind, Tube and more.


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