Multi Blanking & Metal Cut to Length

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Order metal sheets and blanks to exacting thickness and dimensional consistencies using Alliance Steel’s multi-blanking and cut-to-length processing lines.

Multi-blanking is a process that combines slit-to-width and cut-to-length processes into one operation, enabling simple and cost-efficient custom slit blanks or sheets from coiled stock

Alliance Steel’s multi-blank and cut-to-length capabilities include industry-leading tolerances for length, width and squareness. Our equipment includes a .015"-.135" Red Bud Precision multi-blanking line with Herr-Voss corrective leveler that can accommodate a 72” maximum width.

With single point shear blade clearance adjustment, our team can ensure a high quality cut every time. At Alliance Steel, we are committed to offering unsurpassed quality and service for each and every order.

Multi-Blanking & Cut to Length Capabilities

Material Thickness: .015-.135

Max Coil: 45,000lbs

ID: 20”-24”

Entry Width: 15.00”-74.00”

Exit Width: 5.00”-74.00”

Length: 6.00”-144”

Width/Length Tol: +/-.010

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