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Precision & Narrow Coil Slitting Services

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Precision Slitting Services

Precision Slitting creates opportunities for industries that require narrow cuts, such as multi-slide stamping, power generation, infrastructure, and tubing.

Precision coil slitting services is a process used to cut a Master coil of metal into several narrower coils as the master coil runs through a set of rotary slitting knives. The steel coil can be broken for weight or width and packaged to your unique specifications during the slitting process.

Our temperature-controlled 300,000 square foot facility is equipped with multiple slitters, .010”-.500”, multi–blanking and cut to length .015”-.135”, and stretcher leveling .040”-375”. We also offer value-added services including multiple fiber laser and fabrication, metallurgical testing, full inbound and outbound rail, and toll processing/storage

Narrow Coil Slitting Services

Our narrow slitter can process Hot Roll, Hot Roll Pickled & Oil, Cold Roll, and Coated materials like Hot Dipped Galvanized, Electro – Galvanized, Aluminized, Galvannealed, and Galvalume.

The addition of a .250” x 24” coil slitter places Alliance Steel in a unique position to supply extremely narrow slit coil that can meet tight width tolerances. It is equipped with a power-driven head, looping pit for camber-free edges, and a tension stand for an exceptional quality product. This narrow precision slitter joins a fleet of in-house slitting and blanking services, creating cost-effective supply chain solutions.

Alliance Steel has over 20 years of steel sheet and coil processing expertise. Take advantage of our industry knowledge.

Our In-house coil slitting includes:

  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Inspection of your coiled material to prevent processing defective material
  • Reduced Scrap and Waste
  • Monitored Delivery Times
  • In and Outbound Rail and Transportation Services

Narrow Slitting Capabilities

Brand: Paxson/Braner

Rebuilt in 2021

Material Type: HRPO, HRP, HR, CR, COATED

Material Thickness: .020” - .250”

Slit Width: 0.625” – 24.00”

Min/Max ID: 20”

Max OD: 60”

Max Coil Weight on Entry: 15,000#

Max Coil Weight on Exit: 10,000#

Edge Trim: .187” each side

Driven Head with Looping Pit

Line Direction: Left to Right

Toll Processing

Alliance Steel toll processes for some of the country’s most selective steel brokers, service centers, and manufacturers.

Benefit from Alliance Steel’s state-of-the-art steel processing facility. Partnering with us enables customers to manufacture products without large-scale capital investments in full-scale production facilities.

Toll processing is also ideal for customers needing extra capacity to complete an order. Currently, we can store approximately 40,000 tons or 80 million pounds inside our building and an additional 55,000 tons outside.

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