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Solar power represents a monumental shift in how we generate and consume energy. Its renewable and abundant nature offers a sustainable solution to our energy needs, while its environmental benefits contribute to the preservation of our planet. Alliance Steel is a flat-rolled steel supplier, coil processor, and material distributor dedicated to supporting industries, including solar, for over 25 years.

Steel Processing & Benefits for the Solar Industry

Solar power, harnessing the energy radiated by the sun, is emerging as a pivotal force in shaping our energy landscape. Solar power could hold the key to a sustainable and prosperous future with its abundance, attractiveness to the environment, and potential to revolutionize energy production.

Benefits Include: 

  • Renewable & Abundant: Solar power, unlike finite fossil fuels, is abundant and can meet our energy needs indefinitely. With a constant stream of solar radiation reaching Earth, we can reduce reliance on dwindling fossil fuel reserves.
  • Environmentally Friendly: One of the most compelling features of solar power is its minimal environmental impact. Unlike traditional power plants, solar energy generates no greenhouse gas emissions, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Low Operating Costs: Advancements in technology and decreased production costs make solar panels a wise investment with minimal maintenance expenses. 

Solar Industry Steel Applications

Alliance Tubular Products is committed to supplying high-quality steel tubing tailored for energy and solar applications. Our custom supply chain solutions meet industry standards and include:

Solar Racks 

  • Roof Mounted Racks 
  • Ground Mounted Racks 
  • Top of Pole Mounted Racks 
  • Side of Pole Mounted Racks 
  • Tracking System Mounted Racks 

Solar Mounting Accessories 

  • Solar Base Plates 

Solar Purlins 

  • Rectangles 
  • Z's 
  • C's 

Solar Tracking Systems 

  • Light gauge tubing 

Solar industry steel applications include inverter housings, battery storage enclosures, clips, and cable management systems.

Steel Grades for Solar Applications

We offer flat-rolled steel sheets and coil in the most popular grades that solar applications use:

  • Structural Grades: 36, 40, 50
  • HSLA Grades: 50C1, 60C2, 70C2
  • Common Grades: CSB, DDS, EDDS
  • Stainless Steel: 304/304L, 316/316L, 430

Inquire about additional grades suitable for your project or steel processing for the solar industry.

Solar Industry Steel Products

We stock a variety of products as a solar industry steel supplier

  • Hot Rolled Steel (including HRPO) is common in high-strength applications that don't need exact shapes or tight tolerances.
  • Cold-rolled steel is ideal for applications that require high precision and greater surface finishes.
  • Coated (Galvanized) steel is used extensively in solar applications as outdoor environments can corrode structures and components.
  • Stainless Steel benefits applications in highly corrosive environments and when long-term durability is necessary.

We also carry pre-painted steel products for aesthetic appeal in exposed parts and additional protection from corrosive materials.

We Are Your Preferred Solar Industry Steel Supplier

Across Alliance Family, we proudly offer an extensive range of services. Our expertise encompasses flat-rolled products, steel tubing, and precisely crafted fabricated/welded assemblies. These value-added services result from comprehensive engineering, production, and shipping processes seamlessly integrated within our unified campus.

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