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Alliance Steel is a full-service flat-rolled steel distributor and service provider dedicated to meeting stamping industry manufacturer needs. 

Stamping is a vital industry, used in everything from agriculture equipment that keeps farmers moving to automotive manufacturers that keep cars and trucks on the road. As a trusted flat-rolled steel supplier and coil processor, you can have confidence that the products we deliver will meet high-quality standards. 

Stamping Flat-Rolled Steel and Slit Coil 

We offer an industry-leading inventory of hot-rolled, cold-rolled steel, galvanized, and pre-paint products in a wide range of gauges and grades, processed to your exact specifications. 

Our value-added capabilities include:

Order flat-rolled steel sheets & coil to the exacting thickness and dimensional consistencies using Alliance Steel’s multi-blanking and cut-to-length processing lines. 

Multi-Blanking Processing Capabilities:

Alliance Steel is a comprehensive steel service center with a wide variety of processing capabilities, including multi-blanking and cut-to-length in the thickness range from .015” - .135” x 72” and coil slitting in thickness ranging from .010” - .500” x 84”. 


Alliance Steel Multi-Blanking Capabilities:
Material Thickness:  .015"-.135
Max Coil:  45,000 lbs
ID:   20”-24”
Entry Width:  15.00”-74.00”
Exit Width:  5.00”-74.00”
Length:  6.00”-144”
Width/Length Tolerance:  +/-.010"
Max Coil Weight:  50,000 lbs


Alliance Steel Coil Slitting Capabilities:
Material Thickness: .010"-.500"
Min/Max Slit Width: .375”-84”
Min/Max ID: 20”-30”
Max OD: 84"
Slit Width Tolerance: +/-.005"

Stamping applications use a variety of hot rolled, cold rolled, coated, and stainless-steel products. Alliance Steel carries a complete inventory of common gauges and grades suitable for the automotive industry.

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, Alliance Steel is committed to providing quality products on time at competitive prices. We view customers as long-term business partners and our team will do its best to make that relationship successful.

For more information on automotive-grade sheet metal, contact Alliance Steel.

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