Metal & Rolled Steel Stretcher Leveling

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Rolled Steel Stretcher Leveling Services

Obtain flat, stress-free material for your fabrication processes with precision metal and rolled steel stretcher leveling services from Alliance Steel.

Stretcher leveling is a process that stretches material sufficiently to exceed the yield point in all its fibers, equalizing internal trapped stresses. This activity produces material that stays flat even after laser cutting, notching, punching, or subsequent shearing operations. Eliminating post-cutting stress springback can make additional processes like welding and forming easier, unlike temper passing which is a process that applies a massive amount of pressure, compressing the steel. In temper passing, two rolling pins travel down the length of the plate/sheet and squeeze out the internal stress.

Stretcher leveling uses a series of E-Drive Levelers to flatten and reduce the crossbow (curvature) before it continues to the stretcher. At the stretcher, clamps grab 40 feet of material and apply 2 million pounds of force; uniformly stretching the material past its yield point. Stretcher leveling can remove all internal stress, eliminating the risk of post-cutting spring back, unlike temper passing.

Metal Stretcher Leveling Capabilities

We have the capability to perform stretcher leveling on hot rolled steel, hot rolled pickled and oiled steel, hot rolled pickled dry steel, cold rolled steel, and coated steel products like hot dipped galvanized, electrogalvanized, galvannealed and galvalume.

Alliance Steel Stretcher - Leveling Capabilities:
Material Thickness:  .040" - .375"
Max Coil:  80,000 lbs
ID:   23” - 27”
Entry Width: 75"
Length: 400"
Width/Length Tolerance:  +/-.010"
Max Skid:  10,000 lbs


Our equipment includes a Red Bud .375” x 75”x 400” Stretcher leveling line, with an 80,000 max coil on the entry and a 10,000 max skid; this impressive line can handle even your biggest jobs.

Depend on Alliance Steel for your metal and rolled steel stretcher leveling needs. We deliver products that meet customer expectations on time, every time.

We are excited to offer our customers the ability to achieve laser flat sheets with Alliance quality and service behind it.

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