What is Metal Stamping?

What is metal stamping used for?

Metal stamping is a vital industry, used in everything from agriculture equipment that keeps farmers moving to automotive manufacturers that keep cars and trucks on the road. As a trusted flat-rolled steel supplier and coil processor, you can have confidence that the products we deliver will meet high-quality standards. 

What is Metal Stamping?

Stamping, also referred to as pressing, uses a flat metal sheet (blank) or a metal coil to produce a part or component. The material is fed into a stamping press, where a die explicitly made for the part being stamped forms the material shape. 


What are different types of metal stamping?

  • Progressive Die Stamping
  • Four Slide Stamping
  • Deep Draw Stamping 
  • Short Run Stamping 

What are common metal forming operations? 

  • Drawing-
    • Also known as draw forming, it uses tension to change the shape of a blank by drawing it through a die cavity. 
  • Blanking- 
    • It is the most common technique in stamping, which starts when a blank is fed into the stamping machine. The die cuts a rough outline or shape of the desired product. From there, the part may go through further fabrication. 
  • Bending-
    • Make sure you leave enough material to perform a bend! Bending too close to a hole, notch, and tabs can leave your material deformed. 
  • Coning-
    • Coning is the process of striking an edge of a part to create a flattened edge or break the burr. 

What materials are used in metal stampings? 

  • Hot Roll Steel
  • Cold Roll Steel
  • Coated Steel
    • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel
    • Electrogalvanized Steel
    • Galvannealed Steel
    • Aluminized Steel
    • Galvalume Steel  
  •  Stainless Steel

Alliance Steel has extensive relationships with mills all around the country, and we are prepared to support your steel needs. Contact us today to check our industry-leading inventory

Flat Rolled Steel Processing Capabilities: 

Alliance Steel is a comprehensive steel service center with a wide variety of processing capabilities, including Multi–Blank - Cut to Length in the thickness range from .015” - .135” x 72” and coil slitting in thickness ranging from .010” - .500” x 84”. 

Multi Blanking and Cut to Length: 

Material Thickness: .015"-.135"

Max Coil: 45,000lbs

ID: 20.00”-24.00”

Entry Width: 15.00”-74.00”

Exit Width: 5.00”-74.00”

Length: 6.00”-144.00”

Width/Length Tol: +/-.010"

Exit width: 4.00"-74.00”

Coil Slitting Lines:

Alliance Steel has three in - house slitters with capabilities ranging: 

Material Thickness: .010” - .500” 

Min/Max Slit Width: .375” – 84.00” 

Min/Max ID: 20.00” – 30.00” 

Max OD: 84.00” 

Corrective Leveling

Alliance Steel is excited to offer our partners the ability to achieve fabrication-ready sheets backed by our high-quality standards. 

What are typical stamping applications?

  • Agriculture Equipment 
  • Mounting Systems
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Automotive 
  • Lighting Equipment 
  • Furniture Parts 
  • Appliance

With 20+ years of experience, Alliance Steel is proud to be a premier steel supplier across various industries by supplying high–quality steel. 

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Alliance Steel is a flat roll and coil processing - steel service center in Gary, Indiana. We have been a leader in flat-roll steel supply and coil processing for over 20 years. In May of 2020, we relocated to Gary, Indiana, strategically placing ourselves near significant highways, mills, and ports. There are also two sales locations in the Mid- South (Atlanta and Memphis).

Our temperature-controlled 300,000 square foot facility is equipped with full rail service, multiple slitters, including a heavy-gauge line, numerous fiber lasers, multi–blanking, cut to length, stretcher leveling, and metallurgical capabilities.

Alliance Steel is prepared to support your steel needs with an extensive inventory of flat-rolled sheet and coil products.

We maintain a selection of hot rolled steel, hot rolled pickled and oiled, hot rolled pickled dry, cold-rolled steel, motor lam, all coated products steel products. For more information, please call 219-427-5400 or submit a contact form.