What is Multi – Blanking and Cut to Length Processing?

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  • What is Multi – Blanking and Cut to Length Processing?

Are you looking for sheets and blanks that are cut to the exacting thickness and dimensional consistencies? Keep reading to learn more about the multi–blanking and cut-to-length process and how it can benefit your business.

What is Multi Blanking?

Multi-blanking is a master coil process that combines slit to width and the cut to length process into a single operation. This process uses slitting heads to cut coil stock into your desired width. Designed with a CNC programmable slitter, the multi-blanking line has tight tolerance capabilities. Tight tolerance products can go directly into manufacturing.

What is Multi Blanking

What is Cut to Length?

Cut to length is the process of taking a steel master coil, shearing it into your desired length. We have upgraded our machine with a new grip feed system that allows for a tolerance of +/-.010”.

Can I Combine the Process?

Yes! Alliance Steel’s multi-blanking processing and metal cut-to-length services include industry-leading tolerances for length, width, and squareness.

Our equipment includes:

Material Thickness: .015”-.135.”

Max Coil: 45,000lbs

ID: 20”-24.”

Entry Width: 15.00”-74.00”

Exit Width: 5.00”-74.00”

Length: 6.00”-144”

Width/Length Tol: +/-.010"

Tolerance on Squareness: +/-.0625”

Exit width: 4.00"-74.00”

Max coil weight: 50,000lbs

What Materials Can I Process?

Alliance Steel can process Hot Roll, Hot Roll Pickled and Oiled, Hot Roll Black, coated products like Hot Dipped Galvanized, Electrogalvanized, Aluminized, Galvannealed Galvalume.

What are the Benefits?

  • Cost-Efficient custom blanks or sheets
  • Reduced processing time
  • Reduced Scrap

Alliance Steel is a flat roll and coil processing - steel service center in Gary, Indiana. We have been a leader in flat-roll steel supply and coil processing for over 20 years. In May of 2020, we relocated to Gary, Indiana, strategically placing ourselves near significant highways, mills, and ports. There are also two sales locations in the Mid- South (Atlanta and Memphis).

Our temperature-controlled 300,000 square foot facility is equipped with full rail service, multiple slitters, including a heavy-gauge line, numerous fiber lasers, multi–blanking, cut to length, stretcher leveling, and metallurgical capabilities.

Alliance Steel is prepared to support your steel needs with an extensive inventory of flat-rolled sheet and coil products.

We maintain a selection of hot rolled steel, hot rolled pickled and oiled, hot rolled pickled dry, cold-rolled steel, motor lam, all coated products steel products. For more information, please call 219-427-5400 or contact us here.