What is Narrow Coil Slitting?

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  • What is Narrow Coil Slitting?

Narrow Coil Slitting

Narrow slitting is a coil processing service in which a master coil of material is fed into a machine, where it’s slit into the lengths and widths required by the specification. 

As the material moves through the machine, extremely sharp circular blades – also called knives – mounted to spacers, make cuts in the desired locations. Rubber stripper rings pull double duty, supporting the material when slitting is underway and ejecting the finished strip from between the blades afterward. The finished product is called a mult.

Narrow Coil Slitting Services

  • Cutting To Length
  • Narrowing Widths
  • Trimming Edges

When you need steel coils cut to tight tolerances, there’s no better tool than a narrow slitting line. Capable of cutting material to specified lengths and widths with superior accuracy, the process is renowned for eliminating material waste and saving money. 

Getting steel coils in the length, width, or edge you desire can significantly benefit your business. It maximizes the usable material while decreasing additional processing, which may increase costs and delay turnaround time. This can lead to unwanted downtime.

Our temperature-controlled 300,000 square foot facility is equipped with multiple slitters, .010”-.500”multi–blanking and cut to length .015”-.135”, and stretcher leveling .040”-375”. We also offer value-added services including multiple fiber laser and fabrication, metallurgical testing, full inbound and outbound rail, toll processing, and storage. At Alliance Steel, we want our partners to get the most from their material. 

Narrow Coil Slitting Capabilities

Alliance Steel Slitting Capabilities:
Material Thickness: .010"-.500"
Min/Max Slit Width: .375”-84”
Min/Max ID: 20”-30”
Max OD: 84"
Slit Width Tolerance: +/-.005"

Contact Alliance Steel for product information and availability.

Your Slitting Partner

Partner with Alliance Steel for your custom supply chain solutions. With decades of experience, we can deliver slit coil products that exceed your requirements, no matter the gauge or grade of material. Our precision slitting lines can handle Hot Rolled (HR), Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled (HRPO), Hot Rolled Pickled Dry (HRP), Cold Rolled, and Coated steel.

High dedication to quality has made Alliance Steel the trusted precision slitting provider to clients across many industries such as:

For more information about precision slitting, please get in touch with our team. We’re here to answer your questions in greater detail. 

Alliance Steel is a steel service center specializing in sales, material distribution, and toll processing. We are headquartered in Northwest, Indiana, with two additional locations in Atlanta and Memphis.

Alliance Steel strives to provide unmatched service and supply chain solutions to customers on a regional and national basis.

From large OEMs to fabricators, we have the industry-leading inventory and state-of-the-art capabilities to deliver the quality steel products you need on time and at a competitive price. We are prepared to support your specific physical market needs with client-tailored solutions in futures hedging, index pricing, and spot buys.

Our facility is equipped with full rail service, multiple slitters including heavy - gauge and narrow width capabilities, numerous fiber lasers, multi–blanking, cut–to–length, stretcher-leveling, toll processing, and metallurgical capabilities.

We maintain a selection of hot rolled steel, hot rolled pickled and oiled, hot rolled pickled dry, cold-rolled steel, motor lam, all coated products steel products. For more information, please call 219-427-5400 or submit a contact form.