What is Stretcher Leveling?

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  • What is Stretcher Leveling?

Metal has memory. 

Learn more about equalizing the internal trapped stresses and how stretcher leveling can benefit your business. 

What is Stretcher Leveling?

Stretcher Leveling is a process that stretches steel beyond its yield point to eliminate internal stress. This process ensures that material stays flat even after fabrication like welding, laser cutting, shearing, forming, notching, and punching. 

What is Stretcher Leveling

What is the Stretcher Leveling Process?

A coil's memory is created at the hot strip mill in the first coiling process.

Stretcher Leveling is the process of removing or breaking the memory of the coil to create "dead flat" or "laser flat" material.

The primary function of this line is to transition a master coil to "laser flat" sheets. 

The first step is to flatten and reduce the crossbow. A crossbow is a curvature in the transverse (horizontal) direction. There are three E- Drive Levelers that hydraulically work the material to reduce crossbow and wave. 

Imagine stretching a rubber band until it turns white and can't be stretched anymore. 

Next, the material travels to the stretcher. The line grabs forty feet of material at a time and applies an impressive 2 million pounds of pressure. This process stretches material past its yield point, breaking the material of its internal stress. 

From here, the material heads to the shear, where it is cut into sheets and packaged to your customization. 

Is Stretcher Leveling the same as Temper Passing?

Temper Passing is the process of squeezing out the stress between two rolling pins, leaving the steel work hardened. Temper Passing can't always eliminate internal trapped stress and, if improperly processed, can leave your material "potato chipped" (bowed); Leaving you with material that is unable to be fabricated. 

What materials can I Stretcher Level?

Hot Roll, Hot Roll Pickled and Oil, Hot Roll – Black and Hot Roll Dry can be stretcher leveled, while Cold Roll and Tandem(coated) products are further processed, leaving them flat. These kinds of materials can be run on our Multi- Blanking and Cut – To – Length Line. 

Our Stretcher Leveling Services:

Coming in at 300 feet (same height as the Statue of Liberty) and affectionately recognized as Big Red, our Stretcher Leveler will process material .040" - .375". 

           Material Thickness: .040” - .375”

           Max Coil- 80,000lbs. 

           Max Length: 400"

           ID: 23"- 27" 

           Max Entry: 75"

           Max Skid: 10,000lbs.

Alliance Steel is a flat roll and coil processing - steel service center in Gary, Indiana. We have been a leader in flat-roll steel supply and coil processing for over 20 years. In May of 2020, we relocated to Gary, Indiana, strategically placing ourselves near significant highways, mills, and ports. There are also two sales locations in the Mid- South (Atlanta and Memphis).

Our temperature-controlled 300,000 square foot facility is equipped with full rail service, multiple slitters, including a heavy-gauge line, numerous fiber lasers, multi–blanking, cut to length, stretcher leveling, and metallurgical capabilities.

Alliance Steel is prepared to support your steel needs with an extensive inventory of flat-rolled sheet and coil products.

We maintain a selection of hot rolled steel, hot rolled pickled and oiled, hot rolled pickled dry, cold-rolled steel, motor lam, all coated products steel products.